The Beautiful Mystery

The dawn of waking uniquely breathes of Your presence. Songbirds welcome Your rising sun as it paints the sky with colors of Your love and glistens through the trees:
the awakening of creation to rejoice in its Creator.
My heart answers Your tenderness  inviting me to rest in You; that Your light may live in me  that Your wisdom may be revealed  that Your truth may reach into the depths of my soul  take root and grow; that I might die to myself and live unto You--entering once again the beautiful mystery:
Glorious freedom in servant-hood  unspeakable joy from the sorrow of sin  an aimless life redeemed by precious blood  eternal rebirth through surrender  
touching beyond all that is seen and unseen 
to the golden city that patiently waits in the life to come.

Pamela Padrick RichardsCopyright 2003
Christ’s Passion – God’s Plan

When once we sinned so long ago,God in His mercy made us go . . .beyond the Garden where we lived with Him,to save us from dying in our sin.He sent His son, the anointed one, who offered Himself and on the cross was hung.Every lash that He took, the nails, and the shame,were because of our sin, we were to blame. So I ask you today from deep in my heart:Have you felt His call and acknowledged your part?For if not, you have missed what matters most:to join Him in Heaven with His glorious host.His love is so pure, His mercy so great, He longs for His home to be your fate.

Pamela Padrick RichardsCopyright 2006